About Dennis



First, I would like to appreciate you for the opportunity that you have given us to empower you with information about theater production. We established this blog to help actors from various parts of the world to get more insights about the industry as well as become professionals. To do this, we spend hours researching about various topics related to this industry online and offline. We also network with people who have vast experience in this industry to get more insights.

It would not be possible for me as the site manager to run everything as I have other obligations. For instance, I am a manager in one of the leader towing companies, and so some times I spend weeks abroad networking with towing professionals. Since joining the towing company, I have managed to increase their sales by up to 40%. Luckily, I have a team that ensures that everything is run well on this site when I am not around.

One of the aspects that greatly helps us to rank high in search engines is that we are conversant with the various search engine optimization strategies. Nonetheless, we still undertake regular training courses that empowers us with the new and advanced marketing campaigns as well as SEO strategies. We also recruit new staff members from time to time to help us meet our diverse readers content needs.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you around